You Shook Me All Night Long
Songs & Artists - AC/DC
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Today we bring you another electric lesson from Stef. One of the bands he was heavily influenced by was AC/DC. He has put together a lesson on all the rhythm parts to You Shook Me All Night Long, one of the most popular sports warm up soundtracks of all time. Crank up the distortion and give it a try.

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Could it be that you are clicking on the big video screen that says 'Choose A Lesson Part Below"? If so, that video directs you to the Free Preview listed as the 1st segment of the lesson videos. The Free Preview should open up in a new window that overlays the existing one.written by TGNeil, March 29, 2011
Hey guys, what's going on,why cant I get an answer to my tech questions, and now nothing will play for me, I just get Neil's speil trying to sign me up. Will someone please answer my email, I would really appreciate itwritten by muddie, March 28, 2011