Year Of The Cat
Songs & Artists - Al Stewart
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members We have had the rhythm guitar parts to *Year Of The Cat*available for some time but we now have added new videos going over the lead sections to this great song by Al Stewart. This is an example of a song where there are instrumental progressions used that are different from those used in the vocal sections. These instrumental sections include leads that are more composed than improvised, and are the type that can be beneficial to learn, rather than one that is improvised and played differently every time. We have also included a bonus segment that is audio from a concert Neil did with Al in 2005, and played the lead parts addressed in this lesson.

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I can't acces to dehin the scene written by dcabana15, October 10, 2016
"Al Stewart and Peter Wood"? Shouldn't that be Peter White?written by mlweston123, April 05, 2013
DO YOU HAVE THE TABS FOR PART NUMBER 4 (THE LEADS)?????written by eduriv20, October 29, 2011