Hold Your Head Up - Guitar Lesson
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members After The Zombies disbanded in 1968, keyboardist Rod Argent resurfaced with his own band, Argent, which included Chris White, another ex-Zombie on bass. The two of them collaborated on some great songs in the early 1970s and *Hold Your Head Up*is probably their best known. The song features a pounding, hypnotic bass under some distorted guitar chords, then a lengthy, spacey keyboard solo. This short lesson looks at combining the bass and guitar parts into a solid accompaniment to the verse, as well as the accented (and shocking sounding) chords in the chorus.

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Yes, it's been on my "must try" list since I started on this site. My first attempt I found it un fathomable. Then after eight months at TG it began to make sense. I toyed with it from time to time, but I haven't gotten back to it in its entirety, well, because . . . there are too many other fun things to do. Thanks for responding.written by fjeanmur, July 25, 2013
George Hawks here....(7/24/2013) Thanks for the info about the lyrics. This came out when i was 17! This song is a blast to play. Brings back alot of memories.written by georgehawks, July 24, 2013
Went to see The Zombies the other night. It was a great show and of course Ron Argent played "Hold Your Head Up." It's been on my "must learn" list for a while. I went to look at the tab this morning and I noticed the error in the lyrics which Ron Argent spoke about that night. He said "Everybody thinks the words are 'Hold your head up, oh . . . ' but they're 'Hold your head up woman.'" He wanted to make sure he had everyone singing it correctly. BTW--I believe The Zombies are doing a free show in Central Park tonight. If anyone is in the area, it should be great.written by fjeanmur, June 15, 2013