Green River - Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - Creedence Clearwater Revival
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members John Fogerty wrote Green River and it was the title song of their 3rd album, released in 1969. The real Green River that John spoke of was Putah Creek, near Winters, California, and was a place the Fogerty family would spend time during the summer when the boys were young. Most Creedence songs follow a pretty simple formula as far as instrumentation and arrangement. The three-piece rhythm section keeps a rock-steady beat driving with very regular accents. The lesson also includes tab to a Chord Solo arrangement, similar to the way Neil plays it in the Play Through segment.

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I am not able to open and review the paid for lessons . Can you please help me do this.written by cokeman9000, January 09, 2018
Hi Kevin, it downloads fine for me. I'll pass it on to Support but try again and keep me posted. Neilwritten by TGNeil, July 02, 2015
Neil. I'm having a problem downloading the pdf version of the chord solo. I get an error message "you must be logged in to download attachment". I am logged in so not sure what the issue is.written by kevinmck, July 01, 2015
Would like to see a lesson on the chord solo in "Green River"written by zorgnak, August 24, 2013
Hi Neil, I am really enjoying your lessons so much... Thankyou!! written by jennle, August 05, 2012
i more or less feel ya Mike! it's like a cruel joke. i really would love to learn all the voicing/melody notes Neil plays in the play through. i've been working on it by watching the play through and working through the scale, but it's still hard to get it the way Neil does it. Neil, can you please throw up another chapter for us on the melody? it would really complete the lesson nicely. thanks.written by MWD, May 24, 2011
Thanks this is a very nice lesson. I would like to make one suggestion - When I view the play through, that's what I expect you to show us in the rest of the lesson. So if it isn't in the rest of the lesson maybe you shouldn't include it in the play through. I was a little disappointed that the solo guitar wasn't included in the rest of the lesson - it sounds so nice in the play through. Thanks - Mikewritten by Mike Giltzow, July 21, 2009
Neil, Is there a particular reason why you use a thumb pick on some songs but not on others?written by William Wright, June 05, 2009