These Days
Songs & Artists - Jackson Browne
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Here is a Campfire Version of These Days by Jackson Browne. His original recording was done on his 2nd album, For Everyman, and this lesson combines elements from that refined version with some from Jackson's Solo Acoustic Volume 1, where he talks about the origins of the song.

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I would have liked to have the finger picking version also. AND, the chart does not download the chord progression? written by jegreys536267, April 03, 2018
These Days, one of the 2 I picked for my lite membership. The same material is on your YouTube site. Please allow for a second pick that is a real lesson! Have no complaints about Stray Cats lesson. Thxwritten by mjk2259, July 18, 2017
i am very dissapointed in this lesson. It is not how JB plays it, I'm finding that the lesons are hit and miss on the site. I could have gotten this for free off you written by nickya, April 05, 2013