Give A Little Bit Guitar Lesson
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Supertramp is one of the iconic bands of the 70s. Roger Hodgson's unmistakeable vocals really defined the band's sound, along with his 12-string guitar and keyboards by Rick Davies. Give A Little Bit is one of our most requested songs over the last year and we are happy to get to this lesson that Neil has shown many students over the years. The strumming pattern is heavily syncopated and broken up into 16th note rhythms that are one of the main points addressed in the lesson.

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Hey rogereab, thanks for the email, we replied back with a resolution, please ensure that you have flash enabled on the browser you are using, we recommend Chrome. Copy this link: and paste it into a new browser window, follow the instructions and let us know if that does the trick. Thanks! written by tgjameela, December 21, 2017
Have emailed you but no response. Unable to access the lessons on any of my paid lessons - whats going on?written by rogereab, November 14, 2017
Absolutely got everything I needed and wanted from this lesson, well worth the price, thank you Neil! written by guardianangeldave, November 09, 2017
Had to listen to part 3 five times! Is that normal? written by Veronica24, February 18, 2017
`Neil , Why don't you use ,(eg) d d u d d u . instead of quarter, 8th.16th talk. you give a lot of advice about it, but it all seems too quick and complicated, written by kencar, December 04, 2011