Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers - Guitar Lesson
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members From The Allman Brothers 1972 album Eat A Peach, Dickey Betts’ tune Blue Sky is one of the last things Duane Allman played on before his death in a motorcycle accident.

The simple, country-like song features great solos from both lead guitarists. This lesson goes over the rhythm guitar part, as well as the opening lead and endings to each verse.

These are slightly modified for acoustic guitar and feature double stops, playing pairs of notes that were originally done individually.

Tab to the extended leads is included but not addressed in the lesson, although there are segments reviewing Pentatonic Scales and thoughts on soloing.

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Thank you for preparing this lesson for us. I am diving in! written by kimberly910, June 29, 2016
Every now and then you do a lesson that makes me never want to ever leave this site. Thanks Neil for more than seven years of great lessons. Love this one. written by tedted3, June 25, 2016