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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members I had planned on whipping out a TARGET Short for this great song by Gregg Allman, but as I got into it, it got a little more detailed than I had planned. It turned into a full TARGET lesson with all the usual segments and a few bonus ones. Thanks to everybody's support regarding the Sing-A-Long segments, there is one here. I also decided to use the song as an intro to improvising a lead over a simple chord progression. There is a segment talking about pentatonic scales, as well as a Jam-A-Long. There also are a few charts on scales.

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Waaaay too Confusing in your Part 3 Theory ! Have you (Neil) watched Gregg A. Play Melissa..?..... Why not describe what G.A is doing and Play his version.... it's VERY Simple and Sounds Better than your version... Sorry. I'm not enthusiastic about what I'm seeing so far on Totally Guitars...written by jhawkeye5, August 19, 2017
Site is not working , do we get a credit????????written by gslopey, May 28, 2017
I am a new target member and can not access the lessons written by TheHunterofTreasures60424, January 04, 2017
This is a great lesson! It's all here, the attachments are really helpful too. Thank yo Neil!written by waley, August 18, 2013
The high res version of part 3 appears to be missing.written by johnernestadam, February 04, 2012
umm, did i miss something or did he not teach the bridge???written by riverqui, October 18, 2011
Okay, Now I get it why you rather not sing, but listen...It helps a lot to see you changing the cords along with the song, so if you do not like to sing, get someone to sing for you..please:)written by Frank Boasorte, March 15, 2010
This song is the very reason why, after 35 yrs, and cutting off a finger or two in a table saw, that I decided to try acoustic guitar again. Any one of the cords you've taught here, simply sound incredible coming from an instrument like a guitar. When they are all put together in melody, its great. I've got a couple of fingers that no longer pay attention to me, but I'm not a quitter. Thanks Neil. written by sbutler, February 15, 2010
One of my favorite groups as a kid, and a great song to try. Being somewhere between beginner and intermediate, I'm getting it with some repetition. I'm finding out that I really need work on strumming, and timing, just counting. Sounds simple enough, but...Amazed at how well Neil breaks down the timing of the various parts. I have some funny notes on my worksheet!written by pchood, December 20, 2009