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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Waiting On A Friend is a fairly basic strumming song with a couple of notes added to C and F chords to create a little melody. This lesson goes over the simple rhythm accompaniment. Tab is now included to the Chord Solo that Neil improvised in the Play Through segment.

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Hi Gang, Sorry this message slipped through the cracks but tab to the chord solo, like what was played in the Preview, was added to this lesson long ago. Be sure to check out the attachment "The Chord Solo." If that is not enough to get a feel for the solo arrangement, get back to me and I will be happy to work on a video explanation. Neilwritten by TGNeil, October 28, 2014
Really Disappointing. I feel ripped off. The lesson does really not match the preview. written by richardtucker35004, October 28, 2014
I have to echo some of the previous comments. I too am disappointed that the lesson does not match the preview. I joined maybe 15 minutes ago based largely on the preview for this song. I can already play the intro and basic chords and to find all I get for the melody is a pdf, very lame. Oh and yes I missed the forum, like I said I joined 15 minutes ago. Hopefully the other lessons are better and this isnt just some bait and switch hoax.written by raywhit, August 27, 2014
I have to echo several other comments posted. I joined about 15 minutes ago and this was the first song I chose. I can already play the intro and the basic chords, what I was looking for was the chord melody. I really think whatever you put in the preview is what you should teach otherwise it is just a bait and switch tactic. Again maybe this is the exception not the norm as it is the first song. I do see you have some pdf files but that is a far cry from teaching it. Hopefully things get better from here or I will ending my membership at one month, I certainly cannot reccomend this so far, very very very disappointed.written by raywhit, August 27, 2014
Thanks for the amazing tutorial. After watching your video I tried and came close to it. Being a beginner this a great achievement for me, And now I am eagerly waiting to play this in front of my teacher from whom I am taking music lesson.written by Xavier Kane, April 07, 2014
Yup, where is the detail melody parts?... written by brad3e56960, December 09, 2013
Hi Neil, Just joined as I've been watching YouTube clips of Waiting on a Friend, I just love the song. Very disappointed though that you don't teach the detail melody which is absolutely beautiful, rather just the basic chords. Your phrase "This'll be the shortest left hand section ever recorded" made me weep! I cant sign up for Target and hand over my money if you don't do better - But I'd like to as i think your is the best rendition on the web! It would be great if you could come back to me on this.written by tobysanders, October 19, 2012
really wish you'd show how to play the melody like you did on the sampel you tube piece- how can I get to that? thx craigwritten by likestoplay, September 05, 2011
thanks, I was surprised how simple this was to pick up with a basic strum. Hope to work on spicing it up a bit. I had totally forgotten how much I liked this album as a kid. It's been a couple years written by erik , February 01, 2010