End Of The Day is a tune from Al Stewart‘s 1978 album Time Passages. The music is by Al’s collaborator Peter White. This is how the song opened on the album, and was then followed with a vocal part, lyrics by Al.

Dave Nachmanoff and Neil performed this at the 2018 International Guitar Camp and it inspired Neil to work on a more formal version and lesson available at Totally Guitars.



This iconic surf tune, done originally by The Chantays in 1962, is a piece I have played around with for many years but never really settled on a specific arrangement. Part of the problem is I was never happy with the second line, the A Minor run over the bass pattern. After a request for a lesson on it via the Forum at Totally Guitars a few days ago, I got inspired to work out a reasonable way to put the parts together. Here is a preliminary take that still has some smoothing out needed, and there is a lesson up at TG now.



My January 2018 visit with Muriel Anderson ended with Part 3. Part 2 ended with a brief run through of Pat Metheny’s Last Train home, which inspired Muriel to bring up her piece Train To Arnhem. She patiently explained the constantly changing time signatures and confidently expected me to join in.

We then went into some techniques for playing artificial harmonics, which she is a master at. I had been having some trouble with them in my arrangement of Bethena by Scott Joplin and played a bit as an example.

We ended with a hand to hand comparison showing that anyone who thinks they can’t play guitar because their hands are too small should probably work on their technique.

All in all we had a blast in the studio that day and I hope everybody finds something educational, or at least entertaining in this series of videos.