As we head into IGC week a lot of exciting things are happening here at TG. The rebuild continues, and adds a few bumps in the road as you may have noticed. We should have the squished video problem resolved tomorrow.

This week’s update included a few thoughts on the Lead vs. Rhythm question on the Forum, as well as a few tips on percussive playing, which may help lead into upcoming lessons as demonstrated briefly.

This week’s new lessons included Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer, and a FOTW lesson with Bill working on Helplessly Hoping.

Next week I am off to camp but plan on getting back to new lessons right after that.


Ken Burns was on my mind at the top of today’s update, well his new documentary on Country Music specifically. I was not familiar with the term ‘Carter Scratch’ but had explained the technique hundreds of times, which is basically what we now think of as the flatpicking technique used in the Bluegrass style where the melody is played on the lower strings, as opposed to the fingerpicking technique of playing the melody notes on the higher strings.

This week’s new lessons included Linger by The Cranberries, The River by Bruce Springsteen, and The Beatles’ arrangement of Till There Was You. Of course their recording certainly brought the tune to a much bigger audience than The Music Man, which was the musical which featured the original by Meredith Wilson.

The main tangent that popped up today was an attempt at arranging Till There Was You for solo guitar, which I had never really explored much. When you see the holes I dug trying it on camera you will see what I mean. But who knows? It might be worth another look if anybody is interested.

I also am still working on lessons on a couple percussive songs that are being problem children and I touched on those at the end. Since our International Guitar Camp is coming up really soon these will have to go back on a side burner for a bit.

Till next week… Stay Tuned & In Touch,



Modes, modes, modes… Great additions on the Forum this week about modes, which got me into doing a bit of an improv in D, playing through 4 different modes with D as the tonic. These are referred to as parallel rather than relative, but hopefully the short explanation will help keep the differences clear. This was partly inspired by one of this week’s new lessons, The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys, which I got to because of a recent request on the Forum.

The other new lesson this week were Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour and Sailing by Christopher Cross. The latter being done in Open D and featuring a bunch of unusual sounding chords, but like many open tuning songs, not particularly hard to play.

The really big news this week though was that TG is moving on from flash based video into a player that should make everybody’s viewing world better, as long as you are using Firefox or Chrome. This is likely to expand to a few others in the near future but for now please try our stuff on one of those two and let us know how it goes for you.

We are getting down to the last couple weeks before IGC and would be happy to add a few more folks to the list if you are on the fence at all. In any case I am really looking forward to working individually with everybody there on anything they want to improve on.

Think about joining us if you can get a little time off…