Today I spent most of the Update just playing, starting with a bit of Misty inspired by Max’s lesson on it that was released this week. This also led into a short talk about barre card families and how there are some great uses for the C family.

I had a few songs stuck in my head recently and one appeared next, an improv based on Stephen Stills tune So Begins The Task, a song we have had a lesson on for years. The other new releases this week included I Was The One by Elvis, Perfect by Ed Sheeran, and a lesson with Sandy from when we first looked at Soldiers by James Taylor.

The rest of the Update included a couple thoughts on the movie Yesterday (which features Ed Sheeran), and a rambling improv to wrap things up, probably for a couple weeks.

Next week we are heading to Europe for a visit with a long lost cousin of mine in Kalamata, Greece, then over to Amsterdam for IGC Europe.

I will try to stay in touch.



It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to get the Update rolling again, just a couple of minor setbacks after a short trip to Seattle but hopefully things are back on track. In the missing weeks we had a bunch of lessons released, with a list down below.

Today’s clip started with a short improv on a tune that is part of the main theme of the day, Woodstock and the 50th anniversary of the weekend on Max Yasgur’s farm in August of 1969. There were a few other attempts at songs from the concert sprinkled throughout the Update and I’m sure some old-timers will be able to spot most of them. In any case I will fill in the blanks in a few days after you’ve had a chance to test your memories.

I talked a bit about birthdays of friends and family that we had recently and now that holiday season is pretty much over, which means I am focusing on IGC Europe in a couple weeks then Asilomar at the end of September. We still have a bit of room at both if anybody is thinking of joining us.

We recently added a new FOTW with Carol working on Linus And Lucy, a Student Review of Craig’s upload of Reflections Of My Life, and the new lessons since the last update were:

Mr. PC – Jazz Standards
Hitching’ A Ride – Green Day
Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses
Doolin Dalton – The Eagles
Mr. Brownstone – Guns N’ Roses
Corazon Espinado – Santana
When We Were Young – Adele
Soldiers – James Taylor
Ace Of Spades – Motorhead
Better Together – Jack Johnson
Gravity – John Mayer

Back with more next week,



I Got A Feeling, as done by Pentangle in the 60’s, is an example of a jazzy 12-bar blues based on All Blues by Miles Davis. That was on my mind at the start of this week’s update as a student had been working on it this week. I figured I might as well try to add in the melody a bit and improvise a bit from there. The clip ended with some tips on hammer ons when they happen on beats with bass notes.

In between I touched on goofing off for a couple hours to watch a current movie (most of my video time is spent on older stuff like Alfred The Great, Charlemagne…), and some thoughts about our upcoming International Guitar Camps.

This week we released a 5-Pack of lessons by Three Dog Night as well as Smooth by Santana, Basket Case by Green Day, and Vanessa’s fabulous lesson on The Last Resort by The Eagles.

I will be traveling next weekend for a short anniversary trip but back soon.