Today everything I played around with was in Dropped D Tuning, with a bit of an explanation along the way. Mostly there was a lot of playing and I think I mentioned every tune, a few of my own and the two latest projects I am trying to turn into lessons. My upcoming lesson plans seem to be getting focused on difficult instrumentals so if anybody is thinking they are ready for some lifetime projects, stay tuned!

I also put out a little information on something Muriel Anderson left here a couple weeks ago, Guitar Hands, a lotion that might keep your guitar less grubby than mine if used regularly. Check it out here



Today’s update was sandwiched between a Paul Simon improv, (which could be turned into a lesson as it went better than I would have guessed when my fingers started it), and a stab at John Renbourn’s Judy, which a couple students are working on right now.

The Newsworthy ramblings really just included a little plug for IGC 2020 and a mention of the migration going on here at TG, creating a bit of an obstacle for posting new lessons. The good news on that is that we are banking stuff from all the teachers and hope to roll them out in a couple weeks. Hang with us and practice old stuff in the meantime.


A little Beatles to start the end of the month this week. As a matter of fact, I stumbled into a book I put together many years ago with arrangements of the 21 tunes I did on my CD A Beatles Collection (still available in our Audio Store), and thought it might be a good idea to flip through it in front of the camera. OK, so many times it is better to think these things through and plan a little better but hey, we’re all family here, right?

The big News for the week though is that we are just a day or two away from finalizing details for IGC 2020 here in Northern California. There will be all the specific info available very soon but the important stuff is we are back near TG Central at the former Presentation Center, now known as The Green Mountain Retreat. The dates are September 14-18, Monday Through Friday. I hope many of you will find a way to join us.

The other thing I touched on was last night’s dinner. We were visited by Muriel Anderson and significant other Bryan Allen who made us a fabulous meal from her newest project, Acoustic Chef, a recipe book with original music to accompany the dishes. They treated us to Tuvan Lamb Dumplings Buuza. Take a trip to for more details and be sure to catch her show when you can. She will be in Georgia and Florida in a week or so.

Till February…

Go Niners!