Today’s Free and TARGET Member Totally Guitars Lesson – Waterloo Sunset

by admin on April 18, 2011

Today we just released The Kinks Waterloo Sunset guitar lesson.

For the single campfire free lesson version including chart: Click Here (Not A Preview, Free full lesson)

For the TARGET Members multi-part extended lesson including extended chart, tab, and guitar pro files. Click Here

Waterloo Sunset, by the Kinks, began in Ray Davies head as Liverpool Sunset, partially owing to his fondness for the Merseybeat sounds of bands coming out of Liverpool at the time. The song featured a strumming acoustic guitar with a short lead using a tape-delay echo effect, a sound that had been popular a decade before but then forgotten. Our TG Complete Free lesson goes over the basic rhythm accompaniment, which is really the way Ray plays it solo even today.

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