Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up February 27th, 2015

by admin on February 27, 2015

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A mystery song to start the News today, although maybe not so mysterious, and by the end I played through much of the melody. There was also a short improv at the end that we might think about turning into a songwriting collaboration. I think it would need some refinement first.

One thing that occurred to me this week was that it had been a while since we had a new Beatles tune, and I was surprised to see that we had never done If I Fell, one of Lennon’s best in my opinion.

This week we had some other new songs as well, Make You Better by The Decemberists, a twofer lesson on Angel Of Harlem and Desire by U2, and Section B of Heliotrope Bouquet. A follow-up lesson with Chris working on Quicksand brought up another song he was working on, the Game Of Thrones Theme, that included artificial harmonics. This got me on to explaining a little about the technique.

I hope you find some useful tidbits, or maybe a little entertainment in the clip.

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