Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 6th, 2014

by J J on June 6, 2014

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Today we started with a little Stray Cats, in honor of John’s cool Open Mic video, and a mystery piece that I may have toyed with before. Over the course of the next few minutes there was a rundown of the new Target material, along with a little talk about songwriting, before it occurred to me that I should just do some lessons on songwriting. There was an improvised progression that might lend itself to a TG Community songwriting effort, and maybe that is a place we need to go in the future.

The focus of this week’s lessons included continuing with the Guitar Geography Series. It has reached a natural breaking point now so next week will include some new song lessons, like I think I promised this week but the Geography stuff is really important, in my opinion.

We had an addition from Vanessa with James Blunt’s Postcards, finished Jay’s series with a talk about tablature, and brought out Sandy’s FOTW where we worked on the song in progress, now renamed Bloody Good Mate!

I hope everybody had a good week and can carry it over to next.

Stay Tuned & In Touch,


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