Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 6th, 2019

by admin on September 9, 2019

Between the Forum, live students, and last week’s open mic in Los Gatos a few tunes ran through my head that caught me by surprise this week. This led to a few stabs at instrumentals which probably can be worked out better with a little more preparation but today’s update included parts of a couple early Boz Scaggs tunes, I’ll Be Long Gone and Loan Me A Dime, as well as a nod toward the Traffic request for a lesson, The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys, and even a considerably mellowed out version of Take On Me, inspired by a student’s request that brought me to this video:

Something else I have been working on (also reminded of because of a thread on the Forum) is fade outs, and fade ins for that matter. As many of you know I have been toying with Pat Methane’s Last Train Home for a few years. I am just about down to the final touches, which are the beginning and end. It seems obvious that a train song should fade out, as well as in. I still have some refining to do but play through a verse to give you an idea.

This week we did add a couple new lessons to the library. Max brought us a look at Minor Swing, one of Django Reinhardt’s signature tunes and I finally finished one I had been hinting at for a couple weeks, Our House by Graham Nash.

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