Totally Guitars Presents – A Conversation With Jim Page Part 1: A Little History

by admin on March 27, 2013

Totally Guitars

Seattle based songwriter/guitarist dropped by TG Central recently and we sat down for quite a while and talked about a bunch of things. Jim first came to my attention because of a lesson we put up here at TG, The Ivory Salamander, aka Busted Down Around O’Connelly Corners, as it was titled on the Doobie Brothers album The Captain And Me.

It turns out that Jim and I were taking lessons in Los Gatos in the late 1960s from the same teacher, Alan Beilharz. Our paths never crossed then due to a few years age difference and he was firmly planted in a bustling music scene in town that included the likes of Pat Simmons and Jorma Kaukonen, along with many other great, albeit less known players.

This 13-part series covers a lot of territory and includes Jim performing some great songs.

Part 1 of our conversation started with just a little comparing notes about our past and how our paths almost crossed 45 years ago.

Watch Part 2

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