Today I spent most of the video running through bits and pieces of things I may play on the radio this afternoon, starting with an old standby, The Last Steam Engine Train. That is an example of the kind of thing I recommend starting a performance with, a tune you have known for years. I also ran through a little of the new things I hope to play, solo arrangements of Close To You and Eye In The Sky. I hope to get a recording of the radio spot up as a podcast for those who missed it but you can stream it live here.

The new stuff this week included another Barbra Streisand/Barry Gibb collaboration What Kind Of Fool, an Elvis tune with one of the longest names in history, I Want You, I Need You, I Love You. Shining Star by Earth, Wind & Fire, Get Lucky by Daft Punk, and a FOTW addition with Bill working on Blackbird.

I will be traveling next week and may not get to the Weekly Update so carry on and I will be back at the Kalends of March!



Highs, lows, ups and downs here at TG Central this week. Monday started with a trip to Santa Cruz (just 30 minutes over a rainy mountain) to pick up my old friend, the Santa Cruz FTC that I got in 1982. It had deteriorated a bit over the years and Richard Hoover offered to put it back into tip-top shape a few months ago.

The result was spectacular and it is way better than new now, and a joy to play and listen too. Unfortunately, playing right now is a bit painful due to a wrist problem that Dr. Kao prescribed some nasty medicine for. So not as much playing as I would like, over the week or on today’s update. However I did have fun last night trying to arrange a solo guitar version of Eye In The Sky which I talk about somewhere along the line.

Other things covered included a little update on IGC Europe and shameless plugs for a couple things you might be able to tap into. If you are near Phoenix next week be sure to catch Doug Young at the Guitar League meeting. It will be Tuesday Feb. 8 and more info can be found here.

Also, next Friday I will be doing another spot on KKUP radio at 4:00 Pacific time, health willing, and you can listen online here.

Other than that, check out this week’s new lessons. Max brought us Rather Be by Clean Bandit and Ben Harper’s Forever, Doug put together a lesson on Fretting Hand Exercises (the PC way of saying Left Hand Exercises for those easily rankled or just unruly) and we had Sandy transposing and exploring solo ideas with Train Leaves Here This Morning, a song The Eagles covered on their first album which was written by founding member Bernie Leadon along with Gene Clark a couple years earlier.

Hopefully more playing soon and next week…


This week I had one of those slap me in the head, wake up idiot moments, which I get to near the end of today’s update. It had to do with good practice techniques and how easy it is to forget them at times.

I finally got to spend a little time yesterday looking at Muriel Anderson’s arrangement of Close To You, starting with our video from a few weeks back but leading me to track down a full performance of her running through it. We even have a couple of those over on our Acoustic Snapshot blog. Check these out when you can as they gave me some good ideas about stretching it out a bit.

Muriel Anderson Plays Close To You at Club Fox

Muriel Anderson – Close To You

Next on the agenda were some comments on the weather and a mention of the Phoenix Guitar League where Doug Young will be leading the meeting on February 12. Then there was a little talk about pickups and that I am looking forward to getting my Santa Cruz guitar back early next week.

As I started talking about this week’s new releases I got sidetracked playing a little of Faro’s Rag by John Renbourn. This was inspired by mentioning the Student Review of John Kelemen’s Judy. We also resurrected the Fly On The Wall lessons with Sandy working on Crying In The Rain by The Everly Brothers. The week was completed with Jeremy by Pearl Jam, Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones, and Guilty by Barbra Streisand.

Another happening this week was a comment from a Target member that was looking for something in the Homeward Bound lesson that I did not address. I would love it if anytime somebody felt that more could be added to a lesson they bring it up on the Forum. I have added new parts to old lessons many times over the years, like Wild Horses, Rhiannon and Wish You Were Here to name a few.

Towards the end I got to the ‘a-ha’ moment that I hinted at in the beginning which I hope will be something everybody remembers when they are having trouble with a difficult section, or making a big position change… duh!

Hopefully next week will bring more insight, at least here at TG Central.