I have been revisiting our old Recommend A Lesson page, which still works believe it or not, it just requires a little hacking and patience. There are some great tunes on there that I have not gotten to yet, but that is changing. In the update I spell out how you can take a look or contribute votes to older songs, some of which have been up there for 11 years, although I am working on a few of them right now.

Today’s video started with one of those, Joanne vey Mike Nesmith. I talk a bit about how much that song grabbed me many years ago but I did refrain from trying to sing it, for obvious reasons if you know the song. 

I did end up singing something at the end, completely as a surprise to me (maybe someday I script these things???).

Also talked about something that I have done for my whole life as a teacher, which is have students revisit songs years after they thought they had them down. This was partly inspired by Lynn’s post about the extensive library we already have here at TG.


I look forward to hearing from many of you as to what ghosts have you looked at bringing back to life.

Back next week,


Happy Leap Day!

Today’s update hits on some trivia about our calendar and a short talk about some intervals that you have heard in many songs. I got a request to put together a lesson on using thirds and sixths to build leads and thought I would give everybody a couple exercises to figure out how to use them on the top three strings. This is related to our lesson set Triads: Lead Secrets, which focuses on using three-string versions of the E, A and D chord families up the neck.

Take the clues I gave in the video and let me how it goes.


This week has been a ragtime re-re-revival week for me. Every few years I get reinspired to revisit the roots of my favorite guitar style. A few years ago it was fueled by Bethena and this incarnation was driven by The Entertainer. I was never quite happy with the arrangement that I had been modifying since 1975 when Leo Wijnkamp’s record Rags To Riches came out on the Kicking Mule label.

I spent most of today’s update browsing through a treasure trove of material that came out of an old box a few days ago. There were references to Jorma Kaukonen, The Doobie Brothers, Stefan Grossman, and John Renbourn, as well as photos from Happy Traum’s Fingerstyle book, and even a look at an old Guitar Player magazine.

I hope you enjoy the trip through memory lane I took.