Barre Chords
Quick Tips & Techniques - Chords
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Good tips on barre chords, I have been playing for 9 Months and I am just now able to play a barre chord. I still cant change from open to a barre very fast. I never thought I would ever be able to hold a barre chord but with practice and time it just happened. Progress happens so slowly when playing guitar you dont notice hardly until one day you can do things you couldnt do before. Thanks Again Neil Martywritten by Marty, August 09, 2009
Did he say 6 months to a Year! :o:o:owritten by chacho, May 28, 2009
Learning this will take time. I have been working on it for 5 months now and still have a little trouble Take your time start out slow. written by Ted Posobiec, May 21, 2009