Left Hand Drills: Chromatic Scale
Quick Tips & Techniques - Left Hand Techniques

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what is the best way to practice scales,should I practice all positions in one scale or one scale in 1st position and then the next scale in 1st and so on,I have been trying to learn my major scales 1st,starting with C and then G learning what sharps belong to which scale,is this the way to do it or is there an easier way,Thank you Will Burtonwritten by Will Burton, January 31, 2010
video and audio out of sync. written by countryboy0925, May 13, 2009
cannot wqatch video, very choppy and audio is choppy as well. I have no idea what went wrong, ever since the first webinar i have not been able to watch any videos on the site, before the 1st webinar i was able to watch them all, but no more. written by countryboy0925, May 04, 2009