Strumming With a Pick
Quick Tips & Techniques - Right Hand Techniques

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I see why my pick keeps turning between my finger and thumb now. Thanks written by Ted Posobiec, May 10, 2009
Thanks guys, this one slipped through the cracks. Fixed now, with the Standard Quality one on the way as well.written by Neil, May 06, 2009
It plays for me, but it is being handled as a Quicktime video instead of the usual Flash video. There was quite a long delay before it would play though. Make sure you have the Quicktime plugin and wait longer. Even so, I suspect this isn't how they intended it to work.written by map4242, May 05, 2009
same result here.written by David Clark, May 01, 2009
Hi guys the "Strumming With a Pick" video doesn't workwritten by Rod, April 30, 2009