The Major Modes: Ionian & Mixolydian
Quick Tips & Techniques - Beginning Theory

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Neil, I think it would help to add various scales into the master menu. I played Sax for a long time and never really understood the theory behind scales. I just started playing the guitar about a year ago (just got serious about 4 months ago). I love the sight. I did notice at a young age that a lot of solos are subsets/variations of scales for whatever key your in. I'm not stating that as fact, just what I think is correct. Anyway, every musical teacher I've encountered has scales incorporated into the lessons they teach. I guess what I'm looking for is practical applications for scales in my training. Thanks! Bracey written by bracey locklear, September 23, 2009
Neil, Love the theory, I now understand modes. Yeah. You explan thing very well. But, how are they used in songs, or what are some song examples that that use these modes. I like theory but I learn by seeing ... hearing ... some examples in songs. Hope this makes sense. Markwritten by Mark Fulp, August 08, 2009
Always wanted to know what the mixolydian mode was. Now I think I know, plus I know a little more now about scales, intervals, etc...written by Tim Karls, July 22, 2009
You have to watch the video - Introducing: Modes. He explains it all there. :)written by Christian Russo, July 02, 2009
Neil, Ok, I got what your saying, but what the heck is a mode?written by Andy, June 29, 2009