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1) Oh Well

Oh Well is from the early days when Fleetwood Mac was a British Blues Band led by guitarist Peter Green. Its distinctive opening riff, as well as the rest of what was considered Oh Well Part 1 are covered in this lesson.

2) Rhiannon

In 1975 Fleetwood Mac revamped their line up with the addition of guitarist Lindsay Buckingham and vocalist Stevie Nicks, and released Rumours. Rhiannon became one of their biggest hits with a great guitar riff backing Stevie's haunting vocals. This lesson goes over the fingerstyle riff with a steady bass line and the chords to the chorus, as well as tab to Neil's chord solo arrangement as heard in the Play Through segment.

3) Landslide

Landslide is a fingerpicking song by Stevie Nicks and has been a favorite of Neil's students since it was released in 1975. It uses a very regular Travis-style pattern and only open chords. In the Play Through segment Neil plays an instrumental version that incorporates the melody into the picking, a chord solo. Tab to this arrangement is included as well.

4) Never Going Back Again

The follow up album by the same line up was 1977's Fleetwood Mac. One of the songs featured on this was Lindsay Buckingham's short guitar piece Never Going Back Again. It is a basic fingerpicking piece that Lindsay played in Dropped D Tuning but this lesson presents an arrangement in a C Tuning- CGDGBE. This has the 5th string lowered 1 step and the 6th string lowered 2 steps. It is also known as C Wahine in the world of Slack Key Guitar. Using a capo at the 6th fret allows you to play the exact same notes Lindsay played with a little less stretching required.

5) Go You Own Way

Fleetwood Mac has been bringing the world great rock tunes since the mid-1960s. Their 1977 release, Rumours included Go You Own Way, a simple but driving song by Lindsay Buckingham. This Fleetwood Mac guitar lesson looks at the electric guitar opening, played with a syncopated muting technique, the acoustic guitar accompaniment (played with a capo at the third fret), and even a bit of the first lead, played over the verse.

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