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This video lesson series is expertly taught by Neil Hogan teaching you some of the best guitar songs of The Beatles. Includes tab, chart, and guitar pro files.

Our second 10-Pack from the Fab Four touches many of the styles that they were renowned for covering. We have sentimental ballads, fingerpicking songs, simple strumming songs with fascinating chord progressions, a little bluegrass flatpicking, some with psychedelic tendencies, and a couple of electric guitar specialties.

1) And I Love Her

And I Love Her is one or our most requested Beatles songs. This multi-part Target Lesson teaches both the rhythm guitar part and a short look at George's lead.

2) Birthday

Birthday is a classic example of taking a simple riff, dropping it into a 12-bar blues format, adding some catchy vocals over a short chord progression, throwing in a little drum break and lead guitar fill, and creating great rock and roll in a matter of just a couple of days. Paul came up with the main riff and had most of the song done by the time the rest of the band was back in the studio. This lesson includes a Campfire Version, the way I like to have beginners learn the basics of the song, as well as a One-Man Band Version where the rhythm guitar and bass parts are combined into something a bit more challenging. The lead section includes some techniques more commonly done on an electric guitar, bends, slides, and quick hammer-on pull-off combinations.

3) Hey Jude

A short lesson on Hey Jude takes Paul McCartney's piano tune and looks at it as a simple strumming song, more in the Campfire style. It also includes a sing-along and some tips on turning it into an instrumental by picking out the melody, although many of the specific details are left up to the student.

4) I'll Follow The Sun

I'll Follow The Sun is a very early Paul McCartney song with a very simple chord progression and short lead. This Campfire song is very playable by beginning guitar players as soon as you can play an F chord, although the barred version is preferable. We also look at incorporating the 8-note lead into the strumming.

5) I've Just Seen A Face

I've Just Seen A Face is a bluegrass flavored flatpicking song of Paul McCartney's from the Help album. The accompaniment includes a fast country pattern of hitting bass notes, some of which are hammered on, and also uses passing notes to connect the chords. The lesson also goes over two acoustic guitar parts played as an intro, and George's short lead break.

6) Julia

In 1968 the Beatles learned a bit about fingerpicking from Donovan while they were in India for a short time. This resulted in a much more refined guitar sound for a few songs on the 'White Album', including John Lennon's Julia. This lesson uses John's repetitive alternating bass fingerpicking pattern with some unusual chord voicings, and shows exactly how he played the original, including a capo at the second fret.

7) Strawberry Fields Forever

By late 1966 the Beatles were into heavy production and processing in the studio, being free to spend as much time as they wanted on any particular song. This period of creativity produced some of their most elaborate songs, most of which might not seem adaptable to playing solo and singing. However, most of them started off being simple guitar songs. Strawberry Fields Forever, started by John when he was shooting a movie in Spain, began this way and we are fortunate to have access to some very early recordings as John was in the habit of recording all his ideas as they developed. This lesson combines a few versions but is mostly taken from the one released as Take 1, on Anthology 2, with the addition of the introduction arranged for solo guitar.

8) Ticket To Ride

Another entry in our shorter series is Ticket To Ride also from Help. This is a good example of how a songwriter (Paul McCartney) can take a very simple melodic riff derived from a chord, and craft a brilliant piece of pop. A few barre chords are needed but otherwise this is a very accessible tune.

9) We Can Work It Out

Many of the Beatles songs make great Campfire songs and We Can Work It *Out*is an excellent addition to our library. As simple as many of their tunes are, pretty much every one has some unusual twists and turns that offer great learning opportunities. We Can Work It Out has a very interesting rhythmic change, as well as some chords with unusual bass notes. We even attempt a multi-fret barre at one point.

10) While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Another one of the top requested lesson here at TG was While My Guitar Gently Weeps, by George Harrison. The song first appeared on the Beatles' White Album, officially called The Beatles, and this lesson looks at the rhythm guitar part to that that version, as well as George's acoustic demo version that appeared on Anthology 3.

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