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This video lesson series is expertly taught by Neil Hogan teaching you some of the best guitar songs of The Beatles. Includes tab, chart, and guitar pro files.

Our third package of Beatles songs continues with a varied mix of acoustic classics, riff-based rockers, sentimental ballads, and some 1960s psychedelic sounds.

1) Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun is a lesson we have had a partial version of here at TG since the early days. Neil has finally put together the complete version for our Target Program. The song was written by George Harrison in Eric Clapton's garden, as the winter of 1969 was turning to spring in England. This lesson goes into detail about the techniques George used to create this acoustic masterpiece.

2) I Feel Fine

I Feel Fine is mostly a simple, but effective riff derived from the blues scale and applied to a modified 12-bar format. This song is also famous for being the first to use controlled feedback on a recording. Level6

3) I Want You

I Want You is a song with two distinct personalities, a gritty, bluesy section where the lead guitar doubles John's vocal, and a semi-classical keyboard arpeggio with a somewhat sinister sound. Both parts are addressed in this lesson with the arpeggios being done fingerstyle and the bluesy section with standard flatpicking technique.

4) I'll Be Back

I'll Be Back is another example of a great Beatles tune that is mostly strumming but includes a clever opening lick, as well as shifts in tonality from major to minor, unlike anything else rock musicians were doing at the time.

5) I'm Looking Through You

Rubber Soul included many acoustic oriented songs and Paul's I'm Looking Through You was one of those that had a nice folk-swing feel to it. This lesson covers the way it was played on that original release, as well as an earlier outtake that appeared on Beatles Anthology 2 in the mid-1990s. That version had more of a bluesy feel to it. The lesson also includes a short organ fill that fits nicely into a barred G chord. Level 4

6) In My Life

In My Life might be considered the first song to take the Beatles to a higher level as songwriters. It appears to be a little more collaborative than most of their songs but John and Paul's recollections of its beginnings differ somewhat. In this lesson we look at a basic rhythm accompaniment and George's opening lead lick, as well as a slightly more complex accompaniment to the keyboard solo.

7) Let It Be

Let It Be is a great strumming and singing tune with a chord progression that is a lot of fun to practice playing leads using the Major Pentatonic scale. This 4-Part TARGET lesson covers the rhythm guitar part and some of the piano fills, as well as a discussion on lead playing in general.

8) Michelle

In 1965 The Beatles sound was changing, as it continued to do for the next 5 years, and Rubber Soul, released late that year included quite a few acoustic songs. Michelle, written mainly by Paul using bits and pieces from something he originally had as a lighthearted French sounding ditty, is a great example of one of these. The guitar is played with a capo at the 5th fret, creating a somewhat delicate sound. This lesson includes the guitar accompaniment, as well as the short lead incorporated into a Chord Solo.

9) Penny Lane

A song that on first glance doesn't seem very playable, Penny Lane can be done by transposing it into a guitar friendly key (D Major), and focusing more on the moving bass part rather than rapid chord changes.

10) With A Little Help From My Friends

There are many nuances in the recorded version of With A Little Help From My Friends that are pretty challenging to incorporate into a solo guitar accompaniment version. This lesson talks about complex time signatures, works on a percussive strumming pattern using a lot of barre chords, and includes some of George's lead fills. Level 5

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