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This video lesson series is expertly taught by Neil Hogan teaching you some of the best guitar songs of Reverend Gary Davis. Includes tab, chart, and guitar pro files.

Reverend Gary Davis would have to be considered one of the founding fathers of the Country Blues style that has become so popular among acoustic guitar players. He spent his entire life playing Blues and Gospel tunes with a Ragtime feel and passed this down to the next generation in the likes of Jorma Kaukonen, Stefan Grossman, John Renbourn, and Roy Bookbinder, among countless others. This package offers a wide variety of pieces that will present fun challenges for intermediate and advanced level fingerstyle students.

1) Candyman

One of Reverend Davis' most famous songs is Candyman. It uses mostly an alternating bass pattern, although it is inverted from the standard lower string first pattern. Rev. Davis referred to this style as 'old fashioned picking' and felt it was somewhat elementary compared to some of his more complex pieces. We also look at his instrumental version called Two Step Candyman.

2) Cocaine Blues

Cocaine Blues is another Davis tune in a style that he called "old fashioned picking", meaning steady alternating bass notes and not too complex in his eyes. It is one of his most covered songs, having been played by the likes of Dave Van Ronk and Jackson Browne for example. This lesson presents a simple way of accompanying the verse and chorus, as well as more complicated variations and a short instrumental solo.

3) She's Funny That Way

Reverend Davis played a couple of different styles over the years, starting with Blues and Ragtime before concentrating on Gospel in his middle years, and returning a bit to the Ragtime style in his later years. She's Funny That Way is an 8-bar tune that uses a chord progression commonly used by Tin Pan Alley songwriters of the 1920s like Irving Berlin and Cole Porter. It is in 12/8 time and this fingerstyle lesson includes a segment that helps demystify time signatures in general.

4) I'll Be All Right Someday

I'll Be All Right Someday is a catchy ragtime song of Rev. Gary Davis' that uses some quick changing partial chord shapes up and down the neck. Neil's arrangement incorporates a lot of ideas that Jorma Kaukonen added to the song as well.

5) Sally, Where'd You Get Your Whiskey

Sally, Where'd You Get Your Whiskey is one of Reverend Gary Davis' more whimsical tunes, although it falls into the blues category of doing away with an unfaithful woman. It is more Ragtime than Blues and is done in swing time. It uses easy chords and nice runs but has a challenging stretch as well as the added complication of singing over a syncopated guitar part.

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