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For the first time we are offering a Solo Ukulele Workshop.

This 10 part workshop starts with the basics of playing single note exercises and works through instrumental arrangements in many styles. There are familiar Hawaiian songs, classical and flamenco guitar pieces, and even a taste of the Blues.

We are offering over 2 hours of Ukulele Instruction for only
This video lesson series is expertly taught by Hal Kinnaman teaching you some of the best ukulele songs of Solo Ukulele Workshop. Includes tab, chart.

Part 1 - Introduction, Basic Techniques & Beginning Exercises

Our Solo Ukulele Workshop starts with basics on holding the ukulele, tuning the instrument, and some overall concepts on integrating chords and melody lines into solo, instrumental pieces. This segment continues with picking technique with the right hand and proper hand and finger positions for the left hand when fretting notes. This concludes with some warm up exercises.

Part 2 - Rhythm Exercises, The Spider Exercise & Solo Examples

This segment starts with some basic rhythm exercises, counting in 4/4 time, and the difference between various notes values. Hal then introduces his 'Spider' exercise for left hand finger coordination. At the end he plays some examples of solo pieces that are coming up in later episodes- E Ku'u Morning Dew and Andantino, as well as some jazz and a little flamenco ukulele.

Part 3 - E Ku'u Morning Dew

Part 3 introduces our first solo song, E Ku'u Morning Dew, a song written by ukulele virtuoso Eddie Kamae, his wife Myrna, and Hawaiian language expert Larry Kimura in 1972. The song follows a very simple chord progression with a beautiful melody layered over it.

Part 4 - Malaguena

For our second song we tackle the world of flamenco guitar, as it can be adapted to ukulele. This lesson is on the famous Malaguena, by Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona. The song was originally written as part of a piano suite but has since become a standard among guitarists. This lesson adds in a little more strumming and complex picking techniques.

Part 5 - More On Malaguena & Additional Flamenco Techniques

A continuation of the lesson on Malaguena, this segment addresses a few more variations on the main theme, as well as introducing the rasgueado and tremolo techniques.

Part 6 - Andantino by Matteo Carcassi

Matteo Carcassi was one of the first guitar teachers. He was Italian and lived from 1792 until 1853. He was a prolific composer and left the world with hundreds of pieces that guitar players love still today. Andantino is an example of one of these, adapted for ukulele.

Part 7 - Blues in A

This segment goes into the blues, starting with the basic shuffle rhythm and continuing with additional accompaniment ideas.

Part 8 - Improvising The Blues

The blues scale and rhythmic progressions are covered in this segment, as well as some general concepts on improvising.

Part 9 - Hi'ilawe

One of the most famous Hawaiian songs, Hi'ilawe is a hula song that tells tales of life in the Waipi'o Valley, on the Big Island of Hawai'i. It refers to a double waterfall high up in the remote valley and became a popular slack key guitar piece due to recordings by Gabby Pahinui and Raymond Kane. Our Solo Ukulele Workshop concludes with Hal's arrangement of this beloved song.

Part 10 - Hanapepe Waltz

This is a beginning level lesson. A popular old-time piece, the Hanapepe Waltz was composed by Mr. Kamiki in the 1920s. The music is from a book, 'The Collection Of Popular Early Hawaiian Ukulele Methods.' The melody is played in the bass and creates the feeling of riding on a carousel. Hanapepe means 'crushed bay' and the Hanapepe River is the third longest river on the island of Kauai. Hanapepe did not start as a plantation town, as so many others did. From the mid to late 1800s, Hanapepe had Hawaiians raising taro and Chinese immigrants raising rice. To some, the attitude and the buildings resemble a frontier town. Hanapepe was once a thriving town that had port facilities nearby to ship out bulk sugar, as well as an airstrip for the first interisland air service in 1929.

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