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For the first time we are offering an Intermediate Ukulele Package.

This pack of intermediate level solos picks up where Hal Kinnaman's Solo Ukulele Workshop left off. It features songs from a few different origins- a little jazz, a little classical, and a little traditional Hawaiian.

We are offering Intermediate Ukulele Package for only
This video lesson series is expertly taught by Hal Kinnaman teaching you some of the best ukulele songs of Solo Ukulele Workshop. Includes both tab and chart.

Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow is one of the most famous tunes in the American songbook. Written for the movie The Wizard Of Oz, by E. Y. Harburg and Harold Arlen, it is a slow ballad that makes great use of jazz chord substitutions. It is in the key of C and an intermediate to advanced level lesson.

Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring

J.S. Bach is probably the greatest composer of all time. This piece was not originally written for ukulele but you would never know it. It is representative of the beautiful, flowing style that Bach had on many levels. It is written in 9/8 time but easier to think about as 3/4 with the melody being played in triplets.


Francisco Tarrega wrote many beautiful exercises for classical guitar in Spain in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is played in E minor on the guitar but transposed to A minor on the ukulele. The right hand uses standard classical guitar arpeggio technique with the thumb playing the 4^th string, index finger playing the 3^rd , middle finger playing the 2^nd string, and the ring finger playing the 1^st .

Opihi Moe Moe

Opihi Moe Moe was composed by Leonard Kwan and is one of the most requested slack key guitar songs of all time. The piece is played on the guitar in the key of G but transposed to C to fit the ukulele. The lesson includes a slightly simplified version first, using mostly quarter and eighth note rhythms but triplets are added later to keep it more traditional, and a little more challenging. Try to keep up the energy in this piece to give it a paniolo style (Hawaiian cowboy). Some of the techniques necessary are addressed in the Solo Ukulele Workshop series of lessons.

My Sweet Sweetie

This is a waltz played using an arpeggio accompaniment, where the right hand fingers are picking individual strings. It uses just three chords, A, D, and G, and was arranged by Hal and his friend Kenny Rapozo.

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