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This video lesson series is expertly taught by Neil Hogan teaching you some of the best guitar songs of Bread. Includes tab, chart, and guitar pro files.

In the early 1970s there were not many bands that had the level of consistently great songwriting that Bread had, mostly due to the creativity of Oklahoma-born guitarist David Gates. His delicate guitar arrangements combined with beautiful melodies and finely crafted lyrics painted wonderful pictures on our musical landscape. This set of songs covers five of his best-known ballads.

1) If

David Gates penned some great tunes in the early 1970s for his band Bread. *If *is an example of his command of simple, but extended chord progressions that back up a memorable melody with touching lyrics, all the ingredients for a great song. This lesson shows the arpeggios he played but also includes segments on theory where you are challenged to analyze the chords as far as their names. If you want to take this harmony challenge do not print out the chord chart but just start with the tab. Then work on figuring out the names of the chords yourself. All the answers are included, as well as how to play the song in its entirety.

2) Guitar Man

Most of David Gates' songs include nice fingerpicking. *Guitar Man* is one of his few tunes that is a simple strumming song. It was the title song of their Bread's 1972 album and includes some of his signature chord progressions, but is one of his easiest songs to play and sing.

3) Aubrey

Aubrey was on Bread's 1972 album, Guitar Man, and is another in the classic fingerstyle tradition of many other David Gates' songs. This of course includes his angelic vocals and melodies. The picking is mostly arpeggios with a descending bass line moving through the changes.

4) Everything I Own

Everything I Own was a hit for Bread in 1972, and is another one in a string of beautiful, touching songs from the pen of David Gates. The original was done with a capo at the 7^th fret but most of the lesson is done open. It covers the picking in both the verse and bridge, as well as the strumming in the chorus. This song has been one of our most requested for quite a while.

5) Diary

Diary, another classic by David Gates, came out in 1972 and was just one of many great songs on Bread's album Baby I'm-a Want You. The song features delicate fingerpicking using a few different arpeggio patterns, as well as a few unusual chord fingerings and inversions. Most of them are not too difficult and the challenge in this song is to make it flow smoothly and seamlessly.

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