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This video lesson series is expertly taught by Bob Culbertson teaching you some of the best stick songs.

Emmett Chapman developed the Stick in 1969. It is played with two hands tapping notes on a neck that includes bass strings as well as melody strings. It gives the player the ability to play chords, melody, bass, and even percussion simultaneously. There are a handful of Stick virtuosos in the world today and Bob Culbertson would be at the top of many people's list of great players. Bob is not only a great player, but also his experience and ability as a teacher is unrivaled in the Stick community. We are pleased to bring you Bob's comprehensive instructional video course on this fun instrument. Bob's course has been available on DVDs and we are the exclusive distributors of the package making it available as streaming video. This set of lessons starts with info for absolute beginners and progresses all the way into very complex theories and techniques that will challenge and advance the already accomplished player. There are over 30 individual lessons presented and most of them end with a performance where Bob demonstrates the ideas presented, along with drummer Joe Hodge.

1) Beginning Lessons

Basic Techniques
Three Chords
Major and Minor Chords
Add Rhythm
Bass Line and Independence
Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales

2) Intermediate Lessons

Bass Scale
Right Hand Chords
Left Hand Chords
Scale Patterns
Blues Progression
Lead Blues Parts
Chord Combinations I
Two Hand Independence
Bass Techniques
Two Hand Arpeggios
Left Hand Thumb
Right Hand Thumb
Chord Matching

3) Advanced Lessons

Right Hand Chord Tricks
Chord Combinations II
Two-Handed Chord Techniques
Slapping, Rhythms and Split Chords
Right Hand Articulations
Advanced Left Hand Techniques I
Advanced Left Hand Techniques II

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