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Nickel Back guitar lessons
Avett Brothers Lessons Package includes 5 lessons plus tablature and guitar pro files. It is valued at over $70. Right now we are offering lifetime access to these lessons for a special price of only $37.95. This video lesson series is expertly taught by Neil Hogan.

The Avett Brothers have brought new life to an old rootsy style that features pleasant, thought-provoking songs, usually arranged and presented with a basic, bare-bones approach. They have wonderful harmonies and great stories to tell. These lessons take a few different approaches to learning including, figuring them out by ear and creating second guitar parts by using a capo and playing/thinking in a different key.

The Ballad Of Love And Hate is a simple strumming song of theirs. It is done with a capo at the third fret, a few chords in the key of C, and a 3/4 strumming pattern, hitting bass notes on the first beat of each measure. This lesson is a one part Target Short.

I And Love And You is a very basic song on most levels but the measure phrasing is a little unusual. The studio recording was done with piano accompaniment but be sure to check out the live video of them playing it from Glastonbury in 2010 and see what you can figure out before looking at the chart or segments. It is in the key of D and includes a nice guitar introduction, which was not how the original started.

From The Avett Brothers 2008 EP, The Second Gleam, Murder In The City is a really pleasant picking and strumming tune. It is played in the key of C, using a capo up the neck a bit, as well as a second guitar capoed higher. The lesson covers the chord progression, a couple of different ways of playing the intro, and the key for a second guitar part.

Ten Thousand Words is from the album I And Love And You (2009) and is an example of how a simple chord progression and a basic accompaniment can be the background for a great song. This lesson is presented as an ear-training exercise to recognize chord progressions, transpose them to various keys, and use a capo to create a second guitar part. There is a short segment on Pentatonic Patterns as well.

The Once And Future Carpenter is a cool, folksy tune that can be played with a pick or fingerpicked and uses chords in the key of C. A capo at the fourth fret actually puts it in E but that is variable depending on the key you would want to sing it in. It also includes an instrumental intro and interlude that are covered in the lesson.