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Bob Dylan Streaming Lesson Pack includes FIVE full song lessons. Package includes associated Tablature, Charts, Chord Sheets and Guitar Pro files.

Cost for these lessons is over $70 when purchased individually. With this bundle you get lifetime access to FIVE complete lessons for only $37.95!

For over half a century guitar player have enjoyed playing Bob Dylan songs. His guitar parts are not usually overly challenging but he frequently comes up with compelling parts, accompaniments and arrangements. Our second set of Dylan tunes includes a few very early ones as well as a couple from his first middle period, which some people feel started with the Blood On The Tracks Album in 1975.

The early lessons include Just Like A Woman, Like A Rolling Stone, and Positively 4th Street, and Simple Twist Of Fate and Buckets Of Rain are from Blood On The Tracks. Buckets Of Rain is a departure from most of his songs as it features fingerpicking in Open D Tuning.

Knockin' On Heaven's Door is included as a bonus lesson, which a great song for absolute beginners.

Buckets of Rain came out on the spectacular 1975 album from Bob Dylan, Blood On The Tracks. It is an alternating bass fingerstyle song done in Open D Tuning, capoed to the second fret to put it in the key of E. Most of the picking and chord shapes are very basic but there are a few very tricky slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs, mostly as far as coordinating them with hitting other notes at the same time.

Just Like A Woman was released as a single from Bob Dylan's 1966 album Blonde On Blonde, this was his seventh studio album which had some elaborate arrangements and featured some great studio musicians. This particular song showcases some nice arpeggio picking using small chord shapes in the key of E. This lesson covers what was done on the studio version even though it is one of the songs Bob has performed most frequently in concert over the years. Usually those versions are just strummed campfire style and maybe, if there is interest, we will expand this lesson to look at those.

Like A Rolling Stone is an iconic tune from Bob's early days. The way to get started with this is to listen to the version from Bob's 1965 album Highway 61 Revisited, as well as the later, live version from Self-Portrait, and see what you can hear going on. The lesson is done in an "Ear Training" style, In the "Listen" segment Neil plays through the progression in a couple keys, including one time with only bass notes. If you know what chords to look for in a major key, you should be able to figure most of this out without any of the "Clues & Answers" that follow. There is also a short bit on strumming at the speed of sixteenth notes and tips on the intro.

Positively 4th Street was released as a single in 1965 and didn't make an appearance on either album from the time, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde. It is a very simple chords progression, just 8 measures, but provides a perfect backdrop for Bob's biting story. This lesson starts as an ear training exercise then goes a little into picking out the melody. I would suggest only looking at the attachments as a last resort and see how much of it you can put together on your own.

Simple Twist Of Fate is a very easy Dylan song from his 1975 album Blood On The Tracks. He plays it in Open E Tuning and most of the chords just use 2 or 3 fingers. The strumming consists of light bass notes hit on beats 1 and 3, with steady downs and ups on the higher strings on the other beats. We look at the way Bob played it, as well as a slightly more difficult way in Standard Tuning.

Bonus Lesson - Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan is part of the series of complete lessons we call The Campfire Versions. Learn the chords, learn the strumming pattern (or make up your own), and get some friends to sing along!