Country Blues Lesson 1- Basic Concepts and Techniques
Acoustic Genius Series - AGS Genre
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members *Lesson 1* covers some basic concepts and techniques, starting with an explanation of the shuffle rhythm commonly used in blues, continuing with discussion and demonstrations of right hand positions and techniques, and then heading into some left hand techniques like string bending and vibrato. This lesson then introduces some exercises to get you started on keeping a steady bass pattern going while playing a few simple licks. Even an absolute beginner could master Exercise #1 with a little practice. The subsequent exercises expand on the first and are followed by Play Along segments for each one, all done with a metronome to help develop good rhythmic techniques and habits.

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A great lesson a style I've always wanted to get a grip of. Finding it incredibly difficult to get the shuffle rhythm when there are two lines in the music. work better if I count to 3 in every quarter beat,written by bigears, May 06, 2012