Lead Secrets: Triads
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Lead Secrets: Triads is a component of our new series of lessons on lead playing. It goes into thinking about your lead playing by using 3-string reductions of common, moveable chord shapes (E, A and D) on the top three strings, as a basis for creating a second guitar part, as well as playing a solid lead. This is a completely different approach than practicing and memorizing scales and patterns. The lesson reviews major and minor scales, and chords in keys, and then clearly explains another way of improvising over a chord progression that is easy to follow and apply to any key. Triads Day 1- We start with the first 5 parts of this comprehensive lesson including- reviews of scales, chords in keys, and moveable chord shapes (barres), then introducing 3-string reductions of the common shapes. Triads Day 2- We continue this series on using triads to build leads with segments covering common chord progressions, putting the shapes together, combining major and minor progressions, and adding non-harmonic notes to make your leads more interesting. Triads Day 3- The final segments of our course on playing lead using triads include Neil demonstrating some of the concepts over backing tracks, as well as the same backing tracks for you to practice with.