Vintage Gibson SG Les Paul

by admin on July 12, 2011

Jack Van Breen from Guitar Showcase shows us another great guitar, this time a 1960 Les Paul. What you say, it looks like and SG. Well it IS and SG body style. In 1960, the Les Paul Guitar we know wasn’t selling well due to competition from the Fender Stratocaster. So Gibson answered with a thinner, lighter double-horn body. Gibson still had a stock or Les Paul truss rod covers and used those until 1963. In 1960, Les Paul the inventor, left Gibson. The SG body style proved popular over the years and is still in production today.


Vintage Snapshot 1954 Les Paul

by admin on July 11, 2011

Jack Van Breen from Guitar Showcase shows us the latest Vintage arrival — a 1954 Les Paul Goldtop. This is the first Les Paul with a stop tail piece which is much more playable than the original trapese tail piece. With creme soapbar pickups this guitar is really pristine, a two owner guitar last sold in 1960. Even the case is clean. And to top it off this consignment guitar is reasonably priced — go ahead and Google and see what these rare pieces go for


Vintage Guitar Showcase Collection

by admin on July 8, 2011

Jack Van Breen from Guitar Showcase tours the Vintage Collection. You can’t believe the collection! Among the guitars are Les Pauls, Telecasters, Stratocasters, Fender bases, Gretcsh, and more, more, more. Check out the ultimate Romper Room.


Vintage Ibanez Guitars

by admin on June 20, 2011

Jack Van Breen reviews some vintage Ibanez guitars. While Ibanez started making inexpensive copies of Gibson and Fenders, after they were warned about the American patents, they started making their own designs. The Artist models of the mid 1970s were very nice with excellent quality. Today Jack plays an Artist 12 string and an Artist owned by Steve Miller — one of his four stage guitars. Jack also talks about a new 470 guitar suited for heavy metal. Jack also talks about a nice acoustic guitar — so nice he bought it the first time he picked it up.


Yamaha FG180

by admin on April 15, 2011

Jack Van Breen from Guitar Showcase in San Jose California talks about one of his favorite guitars. It’s a Yamaha FG-180. These were amazing guitars. They were inexpensive when new (late 60’s; early 70’s) but sounded good. And if you good monitors on your computer, you can attest that it STILL sounds good.


Martin 1940 D28 Guitar

by admin on March 11, 2011

The Martin Guitar Company has been building some of the best instruments in the world for almost 200 years. Mike Mullins had a chance to play one of their flagship guitars at George Gruhn’s shop in Nashville, a D-28 built in 1940. This guitar belonged to flatpicking virtuoso Bryan Sutton and was used on many of his recordings.


Gibson 1923 F5Mandolin

by admin on March 10, 2011

The Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan is still world-famous for its musical instruments. In the early part of the 20th century they were more famous for their mandolins than their guitars, especially when Lloyd Loar came on board in the 1920s. Loar was a luthier, who is now mentioned along with names like Stradivarius, Orville Gibson, C.F. Martin, and even some of the pioneers of the electric guitar Leo Fender and Les Paul. Mandolins designed and built by Loar for Gibson during this period are now considered the most collectible and playable instruments by musicians and collectors alike. Mike Mullins recently made a trip to George Grunh’s Guitar Shop in Nashville, Tennessee and got to sit down with a 1923 F-5.


Our friend Mandolin Mike Mullins visited George Gruhn’s Guitar Shop in Nashville, Tennessee. Here i a quick overview he shot walking around some of the vintage instruments in George’s collection. His first stop is in front of the Magnatone amplifier used by Buddy Holly.


Jack Van Breen Reviews A Gibson L5

by admin on February 22, 2011

Jack van Breen from Guitar Showcase in San Jose, California shows off a much-modified Gibson L5. This L5 started out as a strictly acoustic instrument. While having a large body for an archtop guitar, the former owner wanted to go electric so Gibson Humbuckers were added along with the rest of the electronics. The neck was shaved to give it a flatter radius — of course in the process all the neck block inlays were shaved off.


Jack Van Breen Reviews a Gibson ES 335 12 String

by admin on February 21, 2011

Jack van Breen from Guitar Showcase in San Jose, California has an interesting Vintage guitar — it’s a Gibson ES 335 12 string. Jack plays iconic licks form “Mr Tambourine Man” and the opening chord from “A Hard Days Night.” While having a standard ES 335 body, the neck is a little wider to accommodate 6 more strings. Sounds pretty good with those Humbucker Pickups